FE Series

The FE series is a new blow box product. The front and sides of the box utilize an active mold design that can be designed to your liking to build your personal branded series of blow boxes. The stand of the box is reinforced with stain-less steel to improve the box’s load and resistance against impact. Combine with plastic or metal fasteners to improve the quality of the product.

Model External(mm)
FE570 570x430x110
FE500 500x370x105
FE400 400x300x85
FE360 360x270x80
FE290 290x200x70
FE250A 250x175x60
FE250B 250x135x60
FE340 340x135x60
FE320 320x245x75
FE470 470x140x72
FE450 450x340x100