About Tai-Kuan

Tai-Kuan Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing our clients with the best quality and service. We have continued to improve our production technologies and design capabilities to manufacture and design all types of tools, car repair tools, packaging of electronic instruments, electric and pneumatic tools, and hollow plastic molding boxes for our clients. We have continued to develop blown plastic products used in everyday life, such as recreational products, health and medical materials, gardening pots, liquid containers, toys, and other outdoor blow-up furniture along with customized hollow plastic products.

Furthermore, we address global eco-friendly concerns by utilizing eco-friendly materials that comply with international standards in all of Tai-Kuan’s blown plastic products that can satisfy any need.

The team at Tai-Kuan upholds the spirit of creating win-win scenarios for our clients by continuing to develop new product types that meet market demand; our goal is to promote blow-molded products to foreign and emerging markets. Tai-Kuan’s development team can turn your ideas into business opportunities by providing highly competitive blow-molded products. We will become your optimal business partner.